To our Primary Clients – The Unique Child

  • Every child is a potential leader and if wisely supported and directed, will become a great leader.
  • Every child is unique and if their uniqueness is embraced will produce unique impact within the community, society and nation at large.
  • Every child in our care has been entrusted to us and we are bound by the faith you placed in us to ensure we C.A.R.E for with every sense of responsibility to best of our ability & grace.
  • Every child has a seed of greatness within them and if well nurtured will produce fruits (harvest) of generational and outstanding impact.
  • Every child needs a solid physical, emotional, spiritual, social and moral foundation which if laid properly will enhance their decision-making ability when making choices to do right or wrong.
  • Every child matters because they are God’s gift and blessings to us and we are stewards that will give account of our stewardship. They deserve our best attention and intention.
  • Every child deserves a good start in life so that they end well in life and be a blessing to the nation rather than a liability.

To our Secondary Clients – The Deserving Parents

  • Our deserving parents are the best gifts God has given so far to all of the children we are privileged to care for and so they deserve to be treasured by us in whatever way we can.
  • Our deserving parents deserve to be at peace when their children are in our care so we go all out to earn this trust from them.
  • The priceless role that our deserving parents play in the lives of their children cannot be under-estimated so we see ourselves as the extension of the good work that all our parents are already doing with the children.
  • A good working relationship and partnership with all our parents is a must for us as it is the only way we can get a well-rounded and robust development for all of our children.
  • Every of our deserving parent is a co-labourer with us in laying and building a solid early years foundation for the children they have left in our care.
  • All of our deserving parents are doing a great and awesome job with their child and we count it a great honour and privilege to be counted worthy by the parents to help them carry on the good work when they are unavailable.
  • Our deserving parents deserve some rest at some point in the course of each year and our free session open nursery and our Short-Stay Daycare is a platform designed to enable them to get that deserved rest. We are here to give you that ME- time.
  • Sometimes childcare can be tough and the ball can be dropped due to the pressure that comes with the responsibility. We assure that even when you drop the ball sometimes (which is not intentional) we will catch it before it falls to the ground.
WMB Childcare Staff

To our Tertiary Clients – The Conscientious Staff Team

  • Every staff that we are privileged to employ is God-sent and has a unique role and specific purpose during their time of engagement to us.
  • Every staff sent our way by destiny is not accidental. Good or bad they all have a destination and we may have a part to play in helping them reach that destination as they travel their journey and make their stop over with us.
  • Two are better than one because they have a good reward for their labour. Therefore, we value and cherish every available opportunity to connect and build relationship with our staff team on daily basis.
  • One man does not make a team and that it is the small contributions of each member that makes a complete team.
  • No man is an island and each staff bring a unique knowledge to the group that makes us invincible and exceptional at WMB.
  • Even though we all have areas of improvement but with adequate support and encouragement from each member of the team, we can make even the weakest the greatest.
  • A staff with positive attitude and a willingness to learn is more valuable to use than one with great skills and a stinking attitude.
  • Patience and forbearance are great virtues and Rome was not built in a day so there is no perfect staff. We are committed to supporting our staff as much as is reasonably possible.
  • We know our working relationship may not always work out as we take our vision seriously and yours may be different. We uphold to release you with our blessings even when it is hard for us to do so because we love you regardless of our differences.

Our promise to you is that we will build the early years foundation of your child with C.A.R.E

Our C. A. R. E acronym stands for:

We are WHO we say we are and DO what we say we do.


We take responsibility for all of our actions toward the care of your children.


We work in partnership with all stakeholders e.g. parents, Council and regulatory Bodies.


We relish the privilege to serve and model.



WMB’s Values

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