Hi there, I’m Maria Amparo. I am from Spain. I joined WMB Childcare Limited about 2 years ago. I’m based at the company’s Head Office at WMB Carisbrook Day Nursery as a Nursery Nurse. It is exciting and fun working with the children and other staff members.

My experience in education in Spain was mainly with primary and secondary school children. I also had the opportunity to work as a babysitter whilst working in anursery. This provided me with the necessary experience relating with children of different needs and age range.

I started in the toddler room at Carisbrook Day Nursery.  I worked with other staff for 9 months. During this period, I was able to develop my creativity and imagination skills. My Super Coach supported me immensely. She did several one-to-one supervision and work reviews. These had great impact on my planning for the children.

Relocation from Spain to the UK was a challenging one for me. Even though I have a Master’s degree in Teaching and have a QTS, the language barrier was an initial struggle and constraint. Andrew, the Chief Executive Officer of WMB Childcare Ltd encouraged and gave me the necessary support and tools which enhance my confidence to develop my language skills rapidly. I took time to develop myself because I needed to give the children the best of care and learning. I integrated with other staff and I can say that WMB Carisbrook staff team is fantastic. The staff mix is multicultural and they have strong work ethic. I can say now, that each day I spend with the children has helped me a lot. They give me joy and love all the time and I hope I have been able to reciprocate the same.

Given my excellent work review with my Super Coach, I was transferred to the pre-school room. In the pre-school, we created activities that will help develop and improve the skills of our children. These skill are necessary for them to adapt when they go to school.WefocusonMaths (counting, counting objects, recognising numbers), Literacy (recognising letters, writingtheir names, creating ends of stories) and Understanding the world (manipulate ingredients to cook, understand the environment, the four seasons, good manners, and the festivities of each season, such as Christmas or Valentine’s day).

Every morning when I entered the room, they greet me with hugs and smiles, ready to start a new day, a day full of games, learning, laughs, and love.I am grateful to God for having guided me to WMB Childcare Ltd and who has helped change the lives of many children. The energy that children transmit and the good atmosphere of teamwork, make work fun in a challenging but satisfying job. I have now come to the realisation that in Childcare, no matter what day of the week it is, whether Monday or Friday,the most important thing is to enjoy every second of the day with the people who have now become your family in the nursery and in your new country.

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