Hi everyone, I’m Claudia Adamache from Romania and  joined WMB Childcare Limited three years ago. I first started in the company as a Nursery Practitioner and then moved up to become a Room Leader, then Deputy Coach and now I am the Super Coach of WMB Cornerstone Day Nursery. I have a passion for laying a solid foundation for children in early years and find great joy in seeing the effects our work can have on the lives of families.

My experience in education combines two main areas: one for primary and preschool education and the other for special education needs. With these qualifications, I have worked within schools, nurseries and centers for Autism and Psychological Cabinet in my home country, Romania.

I  went on to enhance my knowledge and abilities in Special Needs with Autism Romania, working hands on with people with Autism. Following this I completed a training with Autism Foundation Luxembourg (FAL) qualifying me in TEACCH. I have carried this training with me to every setting I work in. I currently implement TEACH techniques in WMB Cornerstone through the use of visual aids, sensory equipment, Individual Education Plans, one to one session with children and our new Comfort Corner that provides a quiet and safe space for our children to learn and develop.

Since coming into post at WMB Childcare Ltd, I have made it my mission to be a lifelong learner. I have attained WellComm Screen Training, Universal Speech and Language Training and Enhanced Speech and Language Training. I have also qualified as the Designated Safeguarding Lead and SENCO for my setting.

My job as a Super Coach has been my most challenging role so far; however it has given me the opportunity to gain invaluable experience and learn new skills on a regular basis. It has taught me the importance of being flexible and adaptable to different people and situations and allows me to promote diversity and equality of opportunity for all and to ensure individuals are treated fairly.

This is a role I thoroughly enjoy and I am proud of. I believe that having started from the lower cadre in this company, and working my way up to Super Coach, has provided me with insight into every role and given me a strong perspective on how I can support my team to rise to the best of their ability, so we have an outstanding setting for our children.

Going from a Romanian education system to a UK system was a great challenge for me and I want to say a massive ‘THANK YOU’ to Andrew, the Chief Executive Officer of WMB Childcare Ltd, who has encouraged me to overcome progressively the barriers imposed by language or the new system and has coached me to be an inspirational leader. Folake Omole is an ‘Inspirational Operational Director’ who guided me in terms of Quality of Education and Early Years Foundation Stage.

 I also want to thank my staff who contribute daily to our setting and say a ‘special thanks’ to my deputy coach, Rachel Berkeley, who is the most hardworking and passionate staff I have ever work with..

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