My name is Abbie Ains worth, I am 19 years old and currently a level 3 Nursery practitioner. I left school in 2015 and was much undecided on which path to follow,whether it be a college or apprenticeship. I finally decided to do a sports course in college for 1 year which was not for me,so I left and found a company offering apprenticeship in Childcare.I was offered an Apprenticeship at WMB Winstanley Day Nursery.I was initially nervous when I started but they made me feel at ease, as they are very welcoming. I have been at Winstanley for 2 years now and although the job is challenging and sometimes stressful,I enjoy the challenge and love working there.

The Management team, consisting of Sarah, Tiarra and Sara,have supported me and my work since being here and have always made sure I’m ok with regards to work. Everyone at Winstanley is hard working and genuinely nice people and when we struggle, weall work together as a team to make it easier. I have been based in the Toddlers’ Room since I started, and I love being with the toddlers, as developing bonds with the children is some thing that makes my job more than just a job. I have always enjoyed being with children as they are exciting and it is fun to see how they develop and learn new things. I’m looking forward to furthering my career within the childcare sector and taking on new courses to help me progress. (And getting a raise, Andrew thanks!)

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