Child’s Development

Modern age where every household has some form of entertainment on a’shard to keep our children away from technology. According to a done on children aged sixtoten years old, it shows that only about outh meets the current recommendation allowance for screen time,

only two hours per day. If your child’s screen exposure is exceeding this n you may want to learn about the effects of screen time on your child’sent.

Modern Childhood

As a parent, it’s almost impossible to keep your children away from modern technology such as computers, tablets,cellphones,and television. Every generation has its own comforts and technologies, but not all modern conveniences are good for you.Nowadays,most children are spending too many hours of the day in front of TVs or glued to their tablets. In fact, children spend an average of three and a half hours on the computer, phone, or tablet each day.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP),there commended screen time for children is two hours for ages six and older. For children younger than six including toddlers and babies, screen time should be limited to an hour or avoided altogether(for very young children).

The benefits of modern technology on children

Modern technology is not always bad for your kids. Other parents may be barking in you rear about the bad effects of technology,and you may often see articles on social media about it. However, modern technology can actually have some benefits for you and your child when used appropriately.

For instance,there are lots of applications on the phone and tablet that are educational in nature. Educational apps can help children learn faster,develop their communication skills, promote cognitive and social development,and stimulate their brains in a good way. More than that,exposing children to modern technology is necessary, so they are able to keep up with the rapidly developing world.


The effects of screen time on your child’s development


Childhood is the most rapid period of grow than development. From birth to adolescence, children go through many changes physically,mentally,and emotionally. In this life stage, grow than development are largely dictated by a lot of factors such as their environment,family,school,friends,and ultimately their exposure to screen time.

Just enough screen time can actually be beneficial to your child’s learning.However, what happens when kids spend too much time in front of the TV,computer,or tablet?

  • Poor sleep In a study done on children aged 3 to 17 years old, it is evident that children with a higher amount of screen time are more likely to sleep poorly. This is a direct effect of screen time on children’s sleep quality,which manifests through restless sleep,day time sleepiness,sleep disturbances,and trouble falling a sleep among other detrimental effects.
  • In the same study, a secondary effect of increased screen time is behavioural problems (internalising, externalising, peer problems) due to poor sleep quality.For children aged 2-6 years old,it is common to develop short attentions pans and poor emotional management with too much screen exposure.
  • Obesity or being over weight has been linked to screen and media exposure for a longtime,perhaps ever since the television became a must-have fixture in the home. Children who spend too much time in front of the screen have less physical activity through traditional play.Increased energy intake is also an evident cause of obesity since children oftene at mindlessly while watching shows or videos. Moreover,obesity can also be related to lack of sleep,which is a direct cause of increased screen time.
  • Long-term Children who are exposed to screen time too early and too much are more likely to develop long-term consequences, such as behavioural problems or imbalances in the brain.This is due to the slowing down of signals(neurotransmitters)in the brain as an effect of too much screen time.

Language delays.Infants younger than 18 months may experience difficulty in learning words. Giving them an educational app is not enough for them to learn how to communicate. If not stimulated appropriately with actual interaction, infants may grow to develop language and speech delays.


For busy parents who have a million other things to do,giving their child a tablet or a cellphone may be the only way to keep their tots busy for a few hours. It is the millennial version of parking their child in front of the television with snacks,and for most parents, it’s an easy way to get themselves some quiet time.However,by limiting media and screen exposure,you can protect your child from the harmful effects of too much screen time.

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