Deposit: Deposit is required to secure your child’s place. This is refunded with four weeks’ notice in writing but the first four weeks not inclusive. Deposit is not refundable if the place is not taken up.

Payment of Fees: Payments must be made on the first day of each week that your child attends. Payment is in advance and receipts will be issued. Non-payment of fees will result in your placement being withdrawn. Payment is applicable all year round till Notice of Termination is submitted.

Staff Training Days: Fees are expected to be paid in full as usual during all WMB Childcare staff training days. The company does have three (3) separate full days in an academic year for her staff training.

Absences/sickness: All absences and sickness must be notified to the Nursery and will require payment.
Holidays: All Bank Holidays will be charged at the normal rate. The Nursery will close for three staff training days throughout the year. Parents will be notified of the dates in advance.

Family Holiday: All family holidays will be paid for in full.

Change of Days: Parents are expected to give four (4) weeks’ notice in writing of their intention to change their Child’s Nursery Days. Acceptance of the requested change in their child’s Nursery Days is however subject to availability and approval. New fee will be computed appropriately if approved.

Notice of Termination: Notice of Termination 4 week’s written notice is required to terminate a place. If no notice is given to terminate a place, 4 weeks charges will be incurred.

Collection of Children: Staff will not allow your child to leave with anyone not nominated by you beforehand.

Illness: Your child will not be able to attend the Nursery if they are ill or have any type of infection that can be passed on to others through normal activities. If your child is taken ill whilst at the Nursery, staff will contact you. In the event of the parent / career being unavailable, staff will contact the nominated emergency contacts. The nursery reserves the right for staff to contact your child’s doctor to take him/her to the hospital if necessary.

Administration of Medication: A child prescribed medicine must have been taking it for a full 24 hours before attending nursery. Medication must be clearly labelled with the child’s name, Dosage and any instructions. The medication form must be completed on arrival at Nursery, giving parent’s /career’s permission for a member of staff to administer the medicine. Parents / careers will be required to sign at the end of the day to confirm times medication was administered.

Nappies: Parents / careers must provide their own nappies for their child. If requested by the parent
/ carer, nappy cream will be administered by staff. Nappy cream must be provided by parents / carers and be clearly labelled with the child’s name. The medication book must be completed, giving parents / carers permission for a member of staff to administer the nappy cream.

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