Tiarra MorrisonAg. Nursery Coach/Nursery Mgt Trainee

    Tiarra Morrison

    Tiarra has 6 years’ experience working in 3 different nurseries. She is Level 3 qualified in childcare and very keen to progress her career within the childcare sector.

    She is an enthusiastic, reliable andfun-loving professional with a passion for caring for others. Tiarra knows how to conduct herself in a professional manner and get the job done. She has demonstrated excellent leadership skills, the ability to motivate others and strive to deliver outstanding practice hence her place on the WMB Trainee Management Scheme.

    She processes excellent written and verbal communications skills. Her skill set will provide valuable contribution to any caring setting. She feels that her experience within her previous jobs have shown her different challenges and has helped her gain knowledge on different approaches in life.

    She loves being around her family, cooking, laughing and having a general good time around the people she loves.

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