Andrew OmoleChief Executive Officer

    Andrew Omole

    Our Chief Executive Officer, Andrew is in a class of His own with a unique blend of qualities that sets him apart from others. Andrew has strong passion and dedication to serve people irrespective of ethnicity, age, gender orientation or status further confirming his entrepreneurial qualities, that propels his business forward. He is not only familiar with all the staff names and positions across various sites of the company, but also familiar with almost all the children’s names as well as having a personal rapport with their parents.

    Andrew’s charismatic and magnetic character does not go unnoticed by the children. When he enters any of WMB Childcare facilities, you are guaranteed to see interruptions to the ongoing routine with children huddling around Andrew for a glimpse, a hug or simply sharing their stories or activities of the day with him. Such is the power and strength of unspoken deep interwoven fibers of love between Andrew and ‘his’ children (as he calls them) at all the Childcare sites.

    Andrew works exhaustively with diligence to ensure all stakeholders (both external and internal) are well C.A.R.E.D for by showing a deep sense of compassion and love towards their ultimate well-being. He is well known for giving people within his circles multiple rare opportunities to transform into a better version of themselves as it is his deeply rooted belief and hope that the best in people will eventually shine through and that anyone with a desire can become significant with a lending hand, right guidance and mentoring.

    Andrew is a firm believer that before long WMB Childcare Ltd will become the ‘go-to’ nursery within the North West and beyond as evident from the incredible success and impact of the company on the local communities in the past few short years since its existence. He is convinced that the future of United Kingdom depends on the quality of Social, Spiritual, Physical & Emotional C.A.R.E we give to our children today.

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