Becoming a parent is possibly one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Why is that? Well, being responsible for the welfare of another human being is something which is daunting for even the most laid-back individuals. Studies have repeatedly shown that parenting significantly impacts the life an individual leads. Behavioural problems in childhood and adolescence could have a negative impact on a child’s life later on. Furthermore, the same study, and others like it, also reveal that behavioural problems are significantly linked to parenting and the styles which have been used.

Psychologists have postulated that an individual’s environment can begin to have an impact on their behaviour and disposition from as early as two months of age. Thus, it’s no surprise that parenting style is very important for your child’s upbringing. Knowing how important parenting is, the question then arises, should you go to a parenting class?

Parenting Classes- What Are They?

Parenting classes are designed to address the myriad of problems that arise when it comes to parenting and cater to parents depending on the ages of their children.

When it comes to parenting classes, there are two schools of thought. Many people believe that parenting classes have become the cornerstone of effective parenting. However, others believe that external influence is unnecessary, and parents don’t need any guidance when it comes to rearing their children. These people peg parenting classes down to an unnecessary fuss and not to mention a waste of money. When David Cameron was Prime Minister, he strongly advocated for parental classes to become the norm in the UK, hoping that such an approach would create a stronger community.

Should You Follow His Advice And Take Parenting Classes?

While many resent the idea of taking parenting classes because they aren’t equipped to deal with their children, there are some aspects of parenting which must be addressed in today’s world- and going to a parenting class might help you figure some of them out.

Are you abreast with all the recent developments in research?

Back in the day, parenting wasn’t really given much thought to, and children were normally raised in whatever way their parents deemed fit. However, since behavioural problems are linked to parenting styles, we know that this method can go wrong sometimes. Today, there is a great deal of research when it comes to parenting. The things that were earlier thought to be correct have been found to be wrong. In specific, beliefs on how a parent’s actions can shape and individual’s personality have changed.

Fortunately for parents, parenting classes can give them the valuable insight needed to deal with their children, enabling them to make an as little mistake as possible when it comes to rearing their children.

What are parenting styles, and how do they impact a child’s growth?

Many parents reading this might not have even heard of the term parenting styles and consequently might not realize the importance of these mentioned styles. However, this term was coined years back and elaborated on by a researcher named Baumrind, who came up with three parenting styles.

What are the three parenting styles?

Though a fourth parenting style has been added to this list, the three main ones which have been used as a basis for research are the authoritarian, authoritative, and permissive styles.

Naturally, further research has revealed that these parenting styles have a definite impact on an individual’s development. Furthermore, the parenting style which you have adopted might work for one child and not for another. So it is important to learn the differences and adopt whichever one you feel will suit your child. Going to parenting classes can help you significantly in this endeavour.

Can every parent go to a parenting class, or is it just limited to new parents?

Many people don’t go to parenting classes because the child that they are struggling with is not their first- so clearly, they aren’t doing something wrong. The details about the parenting styles might help clear up confusion regarding this myth. On the other hand, parents also believe that only new parents need to go to a parenting class because all they teach are things such as feeding your baby, putting them to sleep etc.

However, what parents must know is that such classes are available to everyone, from first-time parents to those who already have three children to those who have children with special needs. Either way, finding a parenting class which suits your needs shouldn’t be too difficult.

How did your parents get by without parenting classes?

Another argument which people normally have against such classes is that their parents never took them, but they still turned out fine. Well, the fact is that times have changed significantly. Children of today’s age deal with a range of problems such as peer pressure, cyberbullying, body image issues, anxiety, depression and the list goes on. Many of these problems can be blamed on the major role that the internet and technology play on our lives.

Helping children deal with such stresses and knowing what the correct way is to deal with them is something which such a parenting class can guide you in thus ensuring that you offer the correct parenting to your child, preventing them from having to deal with the adverse outcome of inadequate parenting.

Final verdict- should you go to a parenting class or not?

You may think that your child seems to be doing fine, and there is no lack in your parenting, but, such classes can open your eyes to many useful things. So, attending a parenting class should definitely be on every parent’s agenda.


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