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My name is Andrew and I am the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of WMB Childcare Ltd. My mission for all our staff is to help you attain significance in life whilst you work with us at WMB Childcare Ltd. A wise man once said ‘Don’t build the business, build the people and they will build the business’. Having been in the childcare sector for some few years now, we have come to the understanding that outstanding nurseries are built by phenomenal staff team.

Every great nursery you see out there is a reflection of the strength and depth of their core staff and as such we have made a conscious decision to ensure that the people that work with us have value for what we do and have the right attributes and mentality to contribute to what strive to do daily which is to ‘build a solid early years foundation with C.A.R. E’ for our clients children through the provision of an outstanding childcare service experience on daily basis. Our C. A. R. E acronym stands for Credibility, Accountability, Relationship & Exemplary Leadership.

There are 12 key attributes we look for in our staff and you need to be very strong in 3 of them. You will be tested on each of those 12 attributes before you can join us.

We appreciate that not everyone can work in this company (especially at Management/Coach level) due to our strong sense of responsibility and focus on the vision we have been privileged to actualise and we have to let you know that from the get-go so that we are not wasting your time nor ours.

If your main focus is money, the please don’t bother as this will be a wrong workplace for you.
If you are lazy and slothful, you are not right for this company
If you are not a team player and are poor at building relationships, your next work place is down the road.
If you are not fun to work with, please don’t bother. Joy is a key requirement in WMB.
If you cannot handle constructive criticism nor take high level praise, this is not your place.
If you are not creative and can’t use your imagination & initiative, please give us a pass.

Please note that even though degrees and/or high professional qualifications are great, we believe that a great can-do attitude, strong willingness to learn and a team & cooperative spirit is more valuable than silver or gold in our staff members.

Please head over to our VISION, MISSION & CORE VALUE page on this website and familiarise yourself with them. They are the major keys to your success in this company.

Remember, we don’t build a business, we build the people who will build the business.

Our promise to you is that we will build the early years foundation of your child with C.A.R.E

Our C. A. R. E acronym stands for:

We are WHO we say we are and DO what we say we do.


We take responsibility for all of our actions toward the care of your children.


We work in partnership with all stakeholders e.g. parents, Council and regulatory Bodies.


We relish the privilege to serve and model.


C. A. R. E

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