A nursery school doesn’t only shape up children’s future, but it also teaches them skills and manners that stay with them for the rest of their lives. In a nursery, kids get a chance to develop social skills. They learn how to act, speak, listen, and engage.
Recently, researchers of the London School of Economics and Oxford University havefound that childrenin the 2-3 year age group are more prone to be stimulated at nursery. When children interact with other children and with adults, their emotions and nervous system get triggered at a higher rate.
With the importance of attending nursery in mind, choosing the best nursery is consequential. Parents who care about the children’s behaviour, skills, career, and overall growth should consider these eight factors before choosing any nursery.

  1. Budget

This question should be the first parents should answer before they start their quest for the perfect nursery. There’s no point in getting into details without a budget. Although a responsible family always strive to send their children to the best nursery, budget plays a big role in that choice. Unfortunately, there’s a massive difference among fees of nursery schools.

Some parents can afford every single option out there,but for many, the sky is not the limit when it comes to nursery fees. The majoritythat fallsunder the latter category can make a list of the nurseries that fit within their budget.

  1. Staff

Parents never allow their kid to interact with any unknown person for the children’s safety and security. How then can parents send their little ones to a nursery without having sufficient knowledge about the staff?
According to experts, tens of thousands of children have been affected by nursery teaching. Psychologists also claim that a whole generation can face long-term consequences because of improper early schooling.

Before sending children to a nursery, parents must know the following:

  • How teachers interact with students?
  • Does the establishment place more importance on financial gain or teaching?
  • Is the staff always ready to actively participate in the activities taking place at the nursery?
  • Are all teachers trained? What procedure does the nursery follow to hire their teachers?
  • Are staff members really passionate about what they do?

Now, it may seem a challenging task to collect such data. In today’s age, however, collecting some background information is easy. Start with looking at the nursery’s reviews on its official pages, paying more attention to negative reviews to take note of any problem areas. You can also join some social media groups and pages dedicated to parents and children in your area. Parents always share their experiences in these groups, so even if you don’t find the information you need, you will be able to ask around.

  1. Environment

Along with teachers, environment plays a crucial role when it comes to nursery choice. First of all, parents need to make sure that the nursery is safe for children and that it is childproof. Hygiene is also a very important area to be on the lookout for. In addition to this, parents should check the comfort level, size, ventilation and sunlight in classrooms to make sure the nursery provides a healthy environment for the students.
The psychological environment is also a factor. Check out the activities and fun days at the nursery. If the place doesn’t seem like it will create a sense of belonging for the child, then it shouldn’t be considered as a great environment for kids.

  1. Transportation

Some parents have time to drop and pick up their kids on a daily basis while some don’t. That’s where the element of closeness comes into play. In a perfect world, the perfect nursery will be close to home, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case.
It’s not that easy to find a nursery near the home or workplace. If parents have to choose an establishment that is far away from their location, they should ask what kind of transportation services are available.
If you find the perfect nursery when it comes to the environment, staff and budget, with the distance as the only drawback, don’t despair. Nowadays, transportation services are effectively carried out. From GPS tracking to female bus attendants, security cameras to safety precautions, interconnection to the maintenance – almost everything is provided to keep children secure.

  1. Balance

Families often want the best toys, games, playground, and facilities at their children’s nursery. They sometimes forget about academics. Studies have found that the nursery is the base of the ultimate academic achievement of the child. This means that the level fo academics should be put into consideration when a nursery choice is being made.
Parents should visit the nursery before admitting their child. This will help them monitor the academic level of the children who are already enrolled there. A visit will help parents learn about the curriculum being taught at the nursery, the approach used to teach, and see firsthand how the students are responding academically. If the current students can express themselves, communicate creatively, identify pictures, use numbers, and recognise alphabets, these are all positive signs that the nursery is strong academically.

  1. Communication

In such a technological era, it has become way more comfortable to communicate. Parents should know how the nursery communicates with them throughout the school year. Do they provide a handbook of the students’ records? Are there any monthly calendars, emails, or newsletters? If not, then this could be a problem because these are some of the most common ways that help parents communicate with the school.
Parents should make sure they keep a connection with the classroom. Both positive and negative comments about the student can help parents manage their performance. If a nursery is not on the same page when it comes to this, it is not good for the child’s performance and progress.

  1. Duration

Some parents want to enrol their children in a nursery so that they can work longer hours, establish their careers, and provide for the family. This is one factor to keep in mind when hinting for the nursery that suits every family’s needs. A nursery can be perfect on every level, but if the working hours don’t cover the parents’ time away from home, it will simply be out of the question. Many nurseries offer extra hours that can be extremely beneficial to working parents.
One thing to keep in mind for parents who enrol their kids for extra nursery hours is quality time. There is no need to feel guilt over the child spending a longer period of time at the nursery. Instead, the parents can spend a lot of quality time with the child. Besides the after school hours where families gather up, eat and talk, weekends Arte a perfect time to go out to the park or to the pool. Remember, quality over quantity.

  1. The Director

Director of the nursery is the person who regulates and maintains every single aspect at the nursery. A director regulates transportation, staff members, students, curriculum, infrastructure, fees, and so many other necessary factors that are essential for the proper functioning of the school.
Needless to say, whenever a problem occurs, parents discuss it with the director. For this reason, it’s a wise decision to set up a meeting with the nursery director to assess the capability and behaviour of the director.

The Bottom Line

The early years if a child’ life is of utmost importance when it comes to children’s physical and psychological development. For this reason, parents need to make every effort in researching choosing the best nursery that suits the family’s unique needs and helps the student acquire the academic, social and developmental skills needed.



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