The admission and settling process can be a very difficult time for most parents, especially the mums who have developed a strong emotional attachment with their little ones. This is why we have designed an in-house process that will make the transition as smooth and stress free as possible.
It is essential to remember that every child is unique in their own right and it will be unfair to use one child’s adaptability and settling in period to compare another. Whilst some children will adjust fairly quickly to the new environment and new routines, others will take longer to feel comfortable and secure.

At WMB Childcare Ltd, we take every step reasonably possible to ensure that the transition into our nurseries happens as smoothly as it can get but there will always be times when emotional ties are so strong between mum and child and it can be difficult for both. We have seen parents that cry during the settling of their children due to the love they have for their child but we are always at hand to ensure you feel at ease as much as we can. We operate a settling-in policy of a minimum of 3 – 5 sessions. This is to ensure your child becomes accustomed to his/her new environment before they are left on their own. We ensure the staff especially their key person and the child are comfortable with each before we gradually let the full handover happen. .


The first settling-in session always takes place in the days or week preceding the start date of the first day of childcare. We recommend that you arrange to be available for this period as it is a very important event for your child.

Step 1

Your child spends 1 hour with us with you being present in the room throughout the hour.

Step 2

Your child spends another hour with us whilst you wait at reception. We may call you back in if your little one is unsettled which is nothing to worry about.

Step 3

Your child spends 2 hours with us but you are not required to be there but you will be a phone call away and may be called again if your child is not settling well.

Step 4

Your child spends half a day with us and has lunch with friends.

Please note that the above is a guideline only and is not set in stone as children react to new environments in different ways especially babies.

There is no pressure to leave your child until you are ready to do so. Staff are happy to advise, help and reassure parents when settling in their child. A progress report of your child’s first day with accompanying picture will be available to you on our Childcare Software called FAMLY.  It tells you everything you need to know about the day including food eating.

You are never charged for your child’s settling-in sessions. We look forward to your child’s settling session and meeting with you at the time!


Admission & Settling-In Process

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